The 5 Best Binance Staking Calculators (Updated 2023)

binance staking calculator


The best calculators for estimating potential Binance staking yield include the following:

  1. Binance Staking Calculator
  2. Invezz Staking Calculator
  3. StakingCrypto Binance Staking Calculator
  4. CRYPTOLEK Binance Staking Calculator
  5. Datawallet Binance Staking Calculator


Binance staking is one of the ways individuals can make a steady passive income through crypto. It involves holding some Binance coins in a crypto wallet to support a blockchain network’s operation or on-chain application. Individuals will then make a passive stream of Binance tokens as rewards for staking. It is normal to try and estimate your staking earnings beforehand.

Estimate staking rewards on Binance.

Individuals can use a calculator for staking to determine the probable amount of Binance tokens they will receive at the end of the period. This is a very convenient tool, giving you an idea of the staking rewards to expect from your investment. Most Binance staking calculators take the amount of BNB, duration of the stake, current market price, and estimated APY into consideration during calculation.

There are multiple Binance staking calculators that you can choose from. However, some Binance staking calculators produce a much closer yield estimate than others. Each calculator for Binance staking utilizes a specific formula to produce its estimate. What are the best BNB staking calculators to estimate your earnings?

What Are the 5 Best Binance Staking Calculators?

There are several Binance staking calculators for you to choose from. Each has its formula for calculating staking rewards. The five best Binance staking calculators include:

1. Binance Staking Calculator

The Binance exchange calculator for staking is the best APY calculator. It allows you to approximate your daily crypto compound interest without any hassle. The calculator determines the APR of the stake. APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate and is an estimate of the coin rewards you will make after the duration of the stake.

Binance exchange staking calculator.
APR Calculator.

This calculator does not display APR in fiat currency; all rewards will be coins. To get the staking calculator’s estimated earnings, you must input the staking amount, the cryptocurrency, and the type of staking you want. You can select to estimate for locked and flexible investments.

This calculator for staking supports many cryptocurrencies, making it one of the most popular. Some of the cryptocurrencies the calculator supports include BNB, USDT, ACA, BETH, BTC, and DOGE. This calculator gives you a close APR estimate; hence, the coin’s worth in regular currency is not considered. The Binance token APY changes daily.

2. Invezz Binance Staking Calculator

The Invezz calculator for staking shows you the profit expected to earn after staking on a cryptocurrency. It is easy to use, as it does not require any complex information to estimate the APR of an investment. All you need to generate your APR are the staking amount, the preferred coin, and the duration of the stake.

Invezz staking calculator for Binance.
Invezz APY Calculator.

This calculator lets you decide if you want to estimate the daily, weekly, monthly, or annual APR. That way, if you only want to know your expected earnings for a specific period, you can do so easily. You can also specify if you will re-invest your profit so it can compound. This is a very convenient feature for a calculator for Binance staking.

The Invezz calculator for Binance staking supports cryptocurrencies such as 1Sol, AIDOGE, Bitcoin, Binance USD, and Carbon. One thing that makes this calculator stand out is that it can estimate your money in fiat or cryptocurrency.

3. StakingCrypto Binance Staking Calculator

StakingCrypto calculator for Binance staking is a great platform to know your expected gain from a staking investment. Using this platform, you can find out the amount of Binance coin you will gain as a reward for BNB staking. The best part is you can go through simple steps to achieve your goal.

Stakingcrypto cryptocurrency returns calculator.
StakingCrypto Calculator.

To determine your staking profit, you require the initial investment amount, the APY% for the coin, and the staking period. You can also determine your profit from staking per day, week, month, or year. That way, you can check for just a selected period. This calculator has a relatively simple user interface and is easy to navigate.

This calculator supports many cryptocurrencies, including ApeCoin, BSW, Mantra, AVAX, TWT, and BETH. It does not charge any transaction fees for its services.

4. CRYPTOLEK Binance Staking Calculator

The Cryptolek staking calculator is helpful for anyone dealing with crypto exchanges. It helps you determine the profit from an investment and the risks involved. If the risks outweigh the profit, there is no point in putting money into such an investment. It is a great tool to avoid future loss.

Cryptolek cryptocurrency rewards calculator.
Staking Calculator by Cryptolek.

One of the benefits of this calculator is that you can use it to set profit targets. For example, you know the profit you will gain from an investment. In that case, you can easily set motivational goals for yourself. Like most staking calculators, you only need the starting amount, estimated interest rate, and duration to get started.

However, this platform only lets you estimate your profit every month. You cannot determine your hourly staking profit using this calculator. Cryptolek supports many famous coins like USDT, Binance USD, ETH, and TRX. This is a suitable choice if you want a calculator to know your profit from staking Binance coins.

5. Datawallet Binance Staking Calculator

The Datawallet calculator for Binance staking allows investors and on-chain users to determine their expected yield from DeFi and CeFi activities. It helps you project your potential profit from staking to make better investment decisions. If you know the amount of money or cryptocurrency you will earn from an activity, you will know how to invest.

Datawallet staking calculator.
Calculate Yield with Datawallet.

Datawallet’s formula: Potential Earnings = (Staked Amount x Staking Rate/100) * Staking Period. However, even with the formula, it is essential to note that Decentralized Finance staking rates vary from time to time. Therefore, you should expect slight differences between the estimated amount and the final reward.

One advantage of this calculator for staking is that it can display your estimated earnings per minute. Some Binance staking calculators only estimate from hourly upward. To use this calculator, you need the dollar amount of the token, staking APY%, and staking duration. This calculator supports a limited number of cryptocurrencies.

How To Start Staking on Binance?

Staking on Binance is relatively easy as it works like a staking pool. Before you begin staking on the exchange, you must open an account on the platform. After that, you will be entitled to the various services it offers. You don’t need much guidance to stake BNB and Bitcoin on the platform, as its interface is easy to navigate. The step-by-step method to begin staking on Binance is as follows:

Step 1: Log in to your account

Log in to your account or create a new one if you don’t have one.

step 1: login to Binance account.
Log In.

Step 2: Go to Binance Earn

Click on the [Binance Earn] tab under the ‘Earn’ section on the screen.

step2: Binance Earn for staking cryptocurrency.
Earn Tab.

Step 3: Choose Which Staking You Prefer

Navigate the page and click on the [Staking] section. Now, you must decide which of the available staking options you prefer.

Step 3: Available staking options on Binance.
Choose Staking.

Step 4: Pick the Coin to Stake

After deciding on the type of staking, you must select a crypto asset like BNB to stake on.

Step 4: Choose which coin to stake.
Choose BNB.

Step 5: Choose Staking Duration

Input the duration you wish to stake the Binance Coin for rewards. The lock period is daily for BNB under the DeFi staking section. The APR is also adjusted each day based on the on-chain staking rewards.

Step 5: Staking duration for BNB.
Check Summary.

Step 6: Enter Amount to Stake

Enter the desired amount, but ensure it is up to the minimum.

Step 6: Enter staking amount for Binance Coin.
Lock Amount.

Step 7: Confirm Action

Click on the agreement box below the page and press [Confirm] to finish.

Step7: Confirm details for Binance staking.

Is it Safe to Stake on Binance?

Staking on Binance is relatively safe. When you stake on Binance, you can rest assured that you won’t lose the tokens you staked. However, the value of most crypto coins is volatile and might reduce over time. Therefore, you should stake when you intend to hold a token for an extended period. However, staking still bears its risks.

There are different types of staking on Binance, each of which bears minimal risks. DeFi staking on Binance comes with some risk. However, Binance vets all their DeFi staking partners to minimize customer risk. Although the platform reduces the risk as much as possible, it will not be responsible for any on-chain smart contract security problems.

Is Binance staking secure?
Is it safe?

Locked staking on Binance is exceptionally safe. It involves locking your coins for a specified period to earn rewards. However, investors cannot use the coin invested in locked staking for trade transactions during the lock period. You can request your tokens before the set period but will lose the coin rewards. The only way to lose money from locked staking is if the coin’s value drops during the period.

Binance also features ETH 2.0 staking. It involves staking ETH on the Binance network, where your crypto will be converted to Beacon ETH or BETH. The two tokens have equivalent value on the platform, so you don’t have to worry about losing anything during the conversion. This form of staking on Binance is entirely safe.


Binance staking is one of the easiest ways to make a passive income. All you need is a supported wallet and cryptocurrency to invest. You can anticipate your rewards from the Binance staking calculator estimated earnings. This enables you to evaluate the risks to determine if the investment is worth it.

Most Binance staking calculators display your rewards in crypto or coins instead of fiat currency. This is because most coins worth in the market change often.