Spoon (Blockchain)

What Is a Spoon (Blockchain)?

In the context of blockchain, a spoon refers to a type of fork where a new cryptocurrency project inherits the account balances from an existing blockchain.

Unlike a hard fork, which typically creates a new and separate cryptocurrency, a spoon allows the new project to build upon the existing software. It enables users of the original protocol to participate in the new project.

Collaborative Enhancement of Blockchain Platforms

The purpose of a spoon is to attract users and developers from an established blockchain platform by offering new features or improvements.

It is a collaborative approach rather than a contentious one.

While hard forks aim to compete and gain market share, spoons aim to complement and enhance the technical capabilities of the project they are based on.

The balances from the existing blockchain are copied in a spoon, but a new custom token is used for the new project instead of the original token.

This distinction sets spoons apart from hard forks, which typically use the same token as the original chain.