Slot (Cardano)

What Is a Slot (Cardano)?

In the context of Cardano, a slot refers to the smallest unit of time in the blockchain.

Specifically, for Cardano, each slot has a duration of one second.

Within each slot, there is a designated slot leader responsible for creating a single block for that slot.

However, the slot leader has the option to choose not to create a block.

Slot Leader Decisions and Their Impact

Two outcomes occur if a slot leader decides not to create a block.

First, no blocks are created by anyone in that particular slot.

Second, the next slot leader will be selected from a different staking pool compared to what would have been the case if a block had been created.

Empty Slots in Blockchain

Each slot is associated with a single block that is produced by the designated slot leaders.

These blocks are created in a random order, and it is not guaranteed that every slot will be filled with a block.

When a slot does not have a block created within it, it is called an empty slot.

Empty slots can occur when no delegate wins the slot leadership, thus failing to produce a block within that time.

They can also occur due to network latency or when network participants fail to recognize winning blocks promptly.