Roger Ver

Who is Roger Ver?

Introducing another controversial figure in Bitcoin, Roger Keith Ver has led quite an intriguing life.

Garnering a reputation as one of the foremost proponents, he proudly named himself “Bitcoin Jesus.”

Roger Ver

Roger Ver

Roger was born in Silicon Valley under relatively ordinary circumstances but soon became entangled in legal trouble after selling explosives on eBay.

Following a ten-month stint in prison, he relocated to Japan and eventually acquired citizenship in Saint Kitts and Nevis, located in the Eastern Caribbean Islands.

Early Bitcoin Investor

In 2011, Roger Ver emerged as an early investor in Bitcoin, utilizing his wealth to finance various crypto startups such as Ripple and Kraken.

Until 2019, he held the CEO position at, subsequently transitioning into executive chairman.

Roger has emerged as a strong advocate for Bitcoin Cash, to the extent that Fortune Magazine erred in 2020 by mistakenly labeling him as a co-founder of the project.

A Champion of Individual Freedom

Similar to many individuals within the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency sphere, Ver aligns himself with principles of individual freedom and libertarian ideals.

He has generously donated a minimum of $2 million in Bitcoin to the Foundation for Economic Education, a libertarian think tank.

Roger Ver remains a dynamic force within the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency community, with much more of his story yet to unfold.