What Is a Roadmap?

A roadmap refers to a strategic plan that outlines the goals, major milestones, and steps required to achieve those goals.

It serves as a visual summary and communication tool to guide the direction of a product or project over a specified period.

How to Build a Business Roadmap

How to Build a Business Roadmap | Source: Productplan

Creating a Clear Product Roadmap

The primary purpose of a roadmap is to articulate the vision, strategy, and execution plan for a specific product or offering.

It helps align internal stakeholders, facilitates discussions and scenario planning, and communicates with external stakeholders, including customers.

A well-designed roadmap should convey the strategic direction of the product and align with the overall company strategy.

It outlines the order in which features or components will be built and highlights the product vision and strategy, making it easier to secure executive buy-in and ensure a common goal among the team.

A roadmap typically includes themes, epics, stories, and features that will be developed.

When creating a roadmap, it’s essential to ask why the product is being built, what goals are expected to be achieved, and how it will benefit users.