Repair Miners

Understanding Repair Miners

Repair miners are a proposed type of mining node within the Filecoin network, a decentralized data storage system.

They are distinct from two other types of miners in the network: storage miners and retrieval miners.

It is important to note that repair miners are a feature that has not yet been implemented in the Filecoin network.

Mitigating Risks in Filecoin Network

In the Filecoin network, data is organized into sectors, each with a fixed size.

Storage miners are responsible for filling these sectors with data on behalf of their clients.

Clients contract the services of storage miners for a specific duration, creating deals between them.

However, in the event of an unreliable storage miner, repair miners are envisioned as a third party that could intervene to address the associated risks.

Repair miners play a role in enabling “network self-healing” within the Filecoin ecosystem.

They would potentially help mitigate issues arising from unreliable storage miners by taking corrective actions or providing additional redundancy to maintain the integrity and availability of stored data.