Proof of Attendance Protocol

Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) is a business offering that utilizes the ERC-721 NFT protocol on Ethereum.

It provides individuals with a unique, non-fungible blockchain-based identifier that can only be accessed by the person themselves.

Unlike traditional blockchain applications focusing on transactions or value, POAP focuses on identifying people.

Blockchain-Backed Event Verification

POAP enables event participants to verify their attendance by collecting digital badges on the blockchain.

These badges are unique and can only be obtained by attending the event.

Each badge has a visual distinctiveness and cannot be replicated, making it function as an NFT that can be traded on exchanges.

A key value of POAP is providing indisputable evidence that an individual was present at a specific event or institution.

POAP has two user categories

  1. Event organizers can create events and distribute POAP badges to attendees.
  2. Collectors can collect and showcase unique NFT badges to mark significant moments in their lives or demonstrate their attendance to others.