Meme Economy

What Is Meme Economy?

Meme Economy is a satirical notion and online subculture that uses financial language to treat memes as commodities or capital assets with varying prices.

It originated as a Reddit sub called /r/memeEconomy in 2016 and has since spawned various spin-off ventures that humorously mimic a meme market infrastructure.

What Is /r/memeEconomy?

/r/memeEconomy is a subreddit on Reddit dedicated to memes.

The subreddit cleverly combines memes and economics, treating memes as potential investments.

Members can “invest” in memes based on their likelihood of becoming popular on the platform.

However, it’s important to note that making money from generating memes is impossible.

While you can earn memecoins within the community, it’s all in jest.

The subreddit is a satirical take on real-world financial markets, and even its automated bot has its own GitHub page, highlighting the humor behind it.

Memecoin Investments and Viral Thrills

The subreddit’s business model is quite straightforward.

If someone discovers a relatively new meme with a few upvotes, they may “invest” their memecoins in it, hoping it will go viral and result in maximum “profits.”

This expectation aligns with the thrill of discovering and sharing a new meme on the internet.

Once a meme becomes popular, it is considered a “dead meme,” and sharing it may result in a decline in one’s standing in the meme social hierarchy.