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27 Aug, 2023

Laser Eyes

Laser eyes is a popular Twitter meme embraced by Bitcoin enthusiasts who aim to drive the price of BTC to new all-time highs.

What Are Laser Eyes?

Laser eyes refer to a viral Twitter meme embraced by Bitcoin enthusiasts aiming to rally support and drive the price of Bitcoin (BTC) to $100,000, expressing their optimistic outlook for the cryptocurrency.

This group of individuals firmly believes in the future potential of Bitcoin. It is often known for its commitment to “diamond hands,” indicating its intention to accumulate more BTC and hold it long-term.

Bitcoin and Laser Eyes

Before its association with Bitcoin, laser eyes had been utilized by superheroes like Superman and Homelander, representing a superpower beyond the reach of ordinary individuals.

The connection between laser eyes and Bitcoin originated from the #LaserRayUntil100 hashtag, which gained momentum in February 2021.

It began when Twitter user @CHAIRFORCE_BTC changed their profile picture to include laser eyes.

Typically, the laser eyes meme features two red laser beams emanating from the person’s eyes, although variations with blue, green, and other colors also exist.

Most users adopt laser eyes as their profile picture for a 24-hour period, but some have maintained the meme as their ongoing profile picture since its inception.

Laser eyes meme.
Laser eyes meme.