Higher High

What Is a Higher High?

A higher-high refers to a situation in which the price of a cryptocurrency closes higher than the previous day’s high.

It indicates a positive price movement as the cryptocurrency achieves a new high compared to its recent performance.

Is a Higher High Bullish?

A higher high can be seen as a bullish signal but does not guarantee a bullish market trend.

It’s important to consider other factors and indicators to assess the overall market sentiment.

For instance, a bearish divergence occurs when the price is higher while a technical indicator, such as the Relative Strength Index (RSI), makes a lower high.

This indicates a bullish move in the market but suggests a potential slowdown in momentum, which could lead to a price decline.

If higher highs accompany a higher high in prices on technical indicators, it can be considered a more reliable bullish sign.

How Do You Trade a Higher High?

Trading strategies for higher highs vary depending on the overall trend.

Here are a couple of approaches:


In an uptrend, traders observe the next price move if the price forms a higher high after a previous high.

A lower low would signal a sell position, while a higher low would indicate a buy position.

Traders sell when the price reaches the previous high after forming a lower low.

If the price forms a higher low, traders buy it to ride the uptrend further.


In a downtrend, if the price forms a higher high after a previous low, traders wait for the price to establish a higher low before entering a long position.

Setting a tight stop-loss order is crucial to avoid potential losses if the price continues to form new lower lows.

The stop-loss is typically set at the previous lower low, while take-profit orders can be placed at the previous high and the higher high.

These trading strategies involving higher highs can be enhanced by incorporating additional technical indicators such as the RSI and moving averages.

Traders may also consider non-technical factors like macroeconomic news or token-specific information that could influence market dynamics and create new chart patterns.