Date of Launch

The launch date refers to the specific point when an initial coin offering (ICO) begins, and the sale of cryptocurrency coins or tokens to the general public commences.

An ICO is a fundraising campaign used to launch new crypto assets.

During an ICO, the development team announces the sale of a certain amount of their cryptocurrency to investors, distributing the cryptocurrency among potential users and generating funds for further development and marketing.

From Private Sales to Legal Compliance

The launch date is a crucial component of an ICO campaign, but it is preceded by an intensive preparation phase, which can span several months.

This preparation often includes private sale rounds where a smaller portion of the asset is distributed to select investors.

Additionally, the development team needs to design the underlying technology of the crypto-asset, ensure legal compliance, create a distribution plan, and publish all relevant documentation.

The public announcement of the launch date is made well in advance to allow developers to engage with community feedback and conduct a comprehensive marketing campaign to generate excitement and anticipation for the ICO.