Dark Web

The Dark Web: An Overview

The dark and deep web is often misunderstood as the same thing.

However, the dark web is a specific subset of the deep web, requiring specialized software to access its web pages.

Dark Web

Dark Web Meaning | Source: Investopedia

Tor and I2P Networks for Anonymous Browsing

Accessing the dark web necessitates the use of specially designed networks like Tor (The Onion Routing) and I2P (The Invisible Internet Project).

These networks enable anonymous access and hosting of websites, ensuring user privacy.

Protecting Anonymity on the Dark Web

The dark web employs layered encryption, where communications pass through multiple volunteer nodes, each adding layer of encryption.

This approach effectively conceals user identities and locations, fostering complete confidentiality between visitors and hosts.

Privacy and Illicit Activities on the Dark Web

This heightened level of privacy, unlike the regular Internet or “Clearnet,” as referred to by some dark web users, facilitates the free exchange of ideas and information.

However, it also creates an environment conducive to illegal activities on dark web marketplaces, including selling illicit drugs, firearms, and child pornography.

Due to their anonymous, digital, and permissionless nature, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) are often the preferred medium of exchange for transactions within the dark web.