DAO Summoning

Understanding DAO Summoning

DAO summoning involves creating or forming a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

This term is commonly used when referring to establishing a new Moloch DAO, although it can also apply to forming any other DAO.

The first DAO to be summoned was MolochDAO, initiated by Ameen Soleimani on February 14th, 2019, at ETHDenver.

Tools Enable Instant Deployment

The summoning a new DAO has become incredibly efficient, with all the necessary infrastructure deployable within seconds.

Several tools already exist, simplifying the summoning of a new DAO to just a few clicks.

Embracing Community Ownership and Purpose

The choice of the term “summon” when creating a new DAO reflects the urgency of rallying a community around a shared purpose or common values.

It also emphasizes the commitment to the fundamental DAO principles of distributed and collective ownership.

In contrast, the formation of traditional companies or organizations, which typically lack community-driven or community-owned characteristics, is described using more utilitarian terms such as “create,” “start,” or “fund.”

Streamlining Initial Membership and Collaboration

In the earlier versions of the Moloch DAO framework, the DAO summoner was the sole initial member, necessitating active efforts to assemble additional members.

However, in version 2.1 and subsequent iterations, a new DAO can be summoned with multiple initial members, known as “multi-summoning.”