Batch Auctions

Understanding Batch Auctions

Batch auctions are a trading mechanism where individual orders are grouped and executed simultaneously.

Within a batch auction, all orders are settled at the same uniform clearing price.

This approach leverages aggregated liquidity and facilitates fair price discovery in decentralized and traditional financial markets.

Versatility and MEV Mitigation

In blockchains, batch auctions serve various purposes, such as facilitating initial token offerings, conducting liquidations or buybacks of illiquid assets, and mitigating the impact of Miner Extractable Value (MEV).

MEV refers to manipulating transaction ordering in a way that benefits certain participants at the expense of others.

Batch auctions are less vulnerable to MEV because ordering trades within a batch does not affect the price.

Multi-Dimensional Batch Auctions

Traditionally, batch auctions operate on a single token pair, similar to order books.

However, a particular case is a multi-dimensional batch auction, where orders between multiple token pairs can be settled in the same batch.

This is particularly useful for fragmented token spaces, such as USD-stablecoins, or less liquid token pairs, such as specific insurance or prediction market outcome tokens.

In multi-dimensional batch auctions, trades can occur not only between direct counterparties but also through ring settlements.