Mid Level Reading
24 Aug, 2023

Attestation Ledger

A ledger is a record-keeping book that serves as evidence for individual transactions, typically used to “attest” to the occurrence of a financial transaction.

Understanding an Attestation Ledger

An attestation ledger provides evidence or proof that a financial transaction has occurred or to verify the authenticity of transactions or products.

This evidence is typically presented as receipts, invoices, or bank statements.

An attestation ledger functions as a specialized business ledger for a specific account.

The individual account can be an electronic commerce, such as a digital cryptocurrency wallet.

Verifying Transactions and Ensuring Integrity

Attestation ledgers serve as documentation that verifies the existence of financial transactions.

They can also be expanded to include statements or commitments that prove to third parties that specific commitments have been made.

The ledger contains various records that are stored in a blockchain-based distributed network.

In addition, attestation ledgers can be utilized by a Blockchain Operating Ledger System (BOLOS) when connecting a host computer to ensure that the device has not been tampered with or altered.

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