Bridging Web APIs and Blockchain Applications

The concept of Web 3.0, also known as the decentralized web, represents the next phase of the Internet’s evolution.

This transformative technology leverages blockchain to revolutionize asset transfers and redefine how we interact with the online world.

Bridging Web APIs and Blockchain Applications

Organizations across various industries have recognized the immense growth potential of Web 3.0 since the inception of the Internet.

To facilitate the adoption of this technology, Airnode offers a user-friendly solution.

As an open-source Web3 API middleware, Airnode enables seamless integration of any web API with blockchain applications.

In the Web3 security landscape, decentralization plays a pivotal role, which has posed challenges for API providers.

Directly linking smart contracts to real-world data and services offered by APIs is not feasible.

This is where oracles play, acting as the bridge between blockchains and the physical world.