17 Sep, 2023

MetaMask Introduces Snaps to Use Non-EVM Blockchain Networks

metamask introduces snaps


  • MetaMask introduces a new software mechanism, Snaps, that enables its usage on non-EVM blockchain networks.
  • Snaps will enhance cross-blockchain integration, ensuring a more interconnected and user-friendly blockchain.

Snaps Launch will Expand MetaMask’s Reach on Non-EVM Blockchains

The most popular Web3 wallet, MetaMask, introduces a new software mechanism, Snaps.

Snaps will allow MetaMask to expand its usage on blockchain networks that aren’t natively compatible with EVM, like Cosmos, Tezos, Starnet, Algorand, and Solana.

Before this launch, users could only use the Web3 wallet with Ethereum and Ethereum-compatible blockchains such as Polygon, BNB Chain, Optimism, and Arbitrum.

“We are buying MetaMask Snaps as an open platform for innovation, and we do not charge developers for publishing Snaps to this platform. We believe that permissionless innovation is a cornerstone of a decentralized system—no gatekeepers.”

Christian Montoya, Product Lead for MetaMask Snaps, said.

MetaMask will work with third-party developers to ship and maintain this new feature.

Snaps aren’t just upgrades but bridges to future possibilities where users operate complex and ever-changing ecosystems efficiently.

MetaMask will continue to develop and refine this new software to ensure users see more blockchain networks incorporated into their wallet’s repertoire.

MetaMask Snaps: An Evolutionary Shift in Blockchain Sphere

Snaps are software modules that integrate into the Web3 wallet seamlessly. It’ll enhance MetaMask functionality and compatibility, ensuring a diverse range of blockchain ecosystems.

The modules act as connectors, allowing MetaMask to communicate efficiently with blockchains that aren’t natively compatible with EVM.

Users won’t be restricted to ETH and ETH-compatible blockchains. It will thus broaden MetaMask’s adaptability and utility in meeting the needs of the ever-changing digital landscape.

In the first phase, MetaMask plans to release more than 34 Snaps. Each Snap will act as an add-on module with a specific use case and functionality.

MetaMask introduces Snaps
Metamask Snaps is now in Open beta.

They’ll undergo extensive security audits and be on the white list by MetaMask to ensure users explore non-EVM blockchain networks without problems.

MetaMask Anap, a JavaScript application completed in an isolated setting, is designed to customize the wallet’s interface.

Snaps will introduce API functions to the Web3 wallet, providing compatibility for various blockchain systems.

It can also change functionalities and features with the help of Snaps JSON-RPC API.

With the introduction of this new software, MetaMask presents an evolutionary shift in how users relate to blockchain networks.

Snaps Embraces Cross-Blockchain Integration

The move will embrace non-EVM blockchains, enabling a broader trend in the crypto sphere.

Interoperability and cross-blockchain integration are critical factors in the evolution since users seek to use a wide range of available blockchain networks and assets.

MetaMask is adapting to the evolving crypto space, but it’s also on the frontline to creating a more interconnected and accessible ecosystem.

The web3 wallet’s Snaps will provide a vigorous framework for users to seamlessly access, transact, and manage various assets across blockchain networks.