Five Largest Bitcoin Addresses and their Owners, According to Arkham Intelligence Data

five biggest Bitcoin wallets


  • Recent chatter in the crypto sphere is centered around prominent Bitcoin addresses and their owners after the Arkham Intelligence revelation.
  • Interestingly, in light of Arkham Intelligence data, crypto exchanges, and governmental bodies emerge as Bitcoin heavyweights in the Bitcoin storage landscape.

Bitcoin Holding Heavy Weights of 2023

With an ongoing buzz around prominent Bitcoin and Ethereum holders in the crypto sphere, Arkham Intelligence releases the five most prominent Bitcoin addresses and their owners.

Five prominent Bitcoin addresses.
Five prominent Bitcoin addresses.

Some addresses are mysterious, while others have distinct labels. Surprisingly, most are unmasked, leading to this list of Bitcoin holders that rule the roost in the crypto world.

The following Arkham Intelligence analysis shows the top five Bitcoin addresses and their owners.

The Pinnacle of the Bitcoin Rich List

Let’s look at the leaders of Bitcoin wallets.

1. Binance Cold wallet

At the pinnacle of the top five Bitcoin-rich list is Binance Cold Wallet. 

Based on the current Bitcoin exchange rates, the wallet with the label “34xp4” has a staggering 248,597 BTC, a whopping $6.4 billion.

Since it’s a cold wallet, it experiences minimal activities. 

2. Bitfinex Cold Wallet

Second on the list is Bitfinex Cold Wallet. 

With a current label of “bc1qg”, the wallet holds 178,010 BTC worth $4.58 billion. Its most recent activity was a BTC transaction on March 30, 2023.

Picture of Bitcoin.
5 biggest BTC wallet holders.

3. Robinhood

Both Crypto data analytics, Arkham Intelligence, and OXT researcher Ergo believe that the third-largest BTC wallet belongs to Robinhood, a Crypto exchange platform. 

As of now, bearing the label “bc1ql,” it currently holds 118,300 BTC, valued slightly over $3 billion.

4. Binance

The fourth largest Bitcoin wallet has an affiliation with Binance. Its address, “39884,” currently holds 115,177 BTC

The address is valued at $2.9 billion with the current Bitcoin exchange rates.

5. Billionaires or the US government?

Things become more mysterious when it comes to the fifth-largest Bitcoin wallet. The identity of the address remains unknown. 

Rumor has it that the BTC wallet with the label “bc1qa” belongs to a deceased Russian oligarch, Yevgeny Prigozhin.

However, according to the Arkham dashboard, the U.S. government owns the fifth largest wallet. The funds of this particular address originate from a 2016 Bitfinex hack.

It was then consolidated into an address after the U.S. law enforcement seizure. The U.S. government stash has 94,643 BTC, valued at $2.4 billion.

Exchanges and U.S. Government Tops Poll

The U.S. government oversees about 12.8% of the top five Bitcoin-rich list, emanating from its law enforcement activities.

The above BTC distribution clearly shows that centralized exchanges and governmental institutions dominate the BTC storing landscape.

Any thoughts on the top five Bitcoin addresses?