What Is a Trust?

A trust is a fiduciary relationship where a trustor transfers property or assets to a trustee who holds them for the benefit of a beneficiary.

Here Are Some Key Points About Trusts:

  • A trust is established to protect the trustor’s assets and ensure their distribution according to their wishes.
  • Trusts can save time, reduce paperwork, and potentially help avoid or minimize inheritance or estate taxes.
  • By creating a legal entity to hold property, trusts provide a secure environment for assets.
  • Some cryptocurrency investors utilize trusts to add more protection and privacy for their digital assets.
  • Trust companies in the digital economy offer institutional-grade custodial controls, enhancing security, protection from hacking and theft, and providing transparency and reporting.
  • Trust companies act as fiduciaries, making investment decisions in their client’s best interest, which can benefit individuals lacking experience or knowledge in the digital economy.

Trusts play a crucial role in asset management and estate planning, providing individuals with peace of mind and a structured approach to safeguarding their wealth.