Player Payout

By automating the process using blockchain networks and smart contracts, player payouts revolutionize how online gaming participants are paid.

This innovative approach ensures instant payment processing using cryptocurrencies.

Understanding Player Payouts

The esports industry is experiencing rapid growth, generating billions of dollars in revenue.

As esports tournaments gain immense popularity and attract sponsorships from various entities, it is not uncommon for organizers to delay payments to players for weeks or even months.

The manual distribution of payments and reliance on traditional transaction models like wire transfers or paper checks contribute to these delays and inefficiencies.

Seamless Reward Distribution

Automated player payouts present a solution to these challenges.

By leveraging smart contracts and decentralized exchanges (DEXs), tournament organizers can automate the distribution of winnings, transferring them directly to the winners’ crypto wallets.

This approach eliminates unnecessary transaction fees and motivates more organizers and players to participate in the Play2Earn gaming revolution.

How Player Payouts Work

E-sports tournaments are massive global events with millions of participants.

Each tournament has a monetary prize pool that is distributed among the winners.

Smart contracts, hosted on a blockchain network, enable organizers to customize and manage the payouts based on players’ performance.

They also enhance transparency in the tournament’s structure and payout schedule.

Revolutionizing Tournament Payouts

Smart contracts are digital contracts that automatically execute transactions based on predefined parameters.

Tournament organizers configure the payout distribution by determining the number of winners and the percentage of funds each placing will receive.

The tournament smart contract is deployed onto the Ethereum blockchain.

The prize pool consists of player entry fees and sponsor donations, held in escrow during the tournament.

Efficiency and Fairness

Once the tournament concludes, organizers initiate the player payout process by providing a small amount of ETH to activate the smart contract-powered payments.

As players meet the ranking requirements, the defined transactions are processed and documented on the underlying blockchain.

Since no third party is involved, tournament winners receive their payments almost instantly and with minimal fees.