What Is a No-Coiner?

A no-coiner is an individual who holds the belief that cryptocurrencies have minimal value and are likely to fail.

Consequently, they do not hold any Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other digital currencies.

It is important to note that simply lacking cryptocurrency holdings does not qualify someone as a no-coiner.

The term specifically refers to their attitude or philosophy regarding cryptocurrencies.

Redirecting Discontent

No-coiners exhibit a phenomenon known as ressentiment, whereby they redirect their failures and discontent toward external factors.

Interestingly, those who do not believe in cryptocurrencies display the same intensity as those who passionately support them.

In other words, they are not merely skeptical; they possess an unwavering confidence that digital currencies have no place in the world.

Despite evidence showcasing the utility of cryptocurrencies, no-coiners tend to only focus on their association with criminal activities and other dubious uses.