Nifty Gateway

What Is Nifty Gateway?

Nifty Gateway is an exclusive NFT platform popular within the blockchain world. It combines crypto-technology with collectible artworks, offering a range of high-value, tradable assets with investment potential.

On Nifty Gateway, users can buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs), also known as Nifties. NFTs are digital tokens recorded on a blockchain ledger. While similar to cryptocurrencies in terms of being recorded on a ledger, NFTs can represent various types of assets, including games, music, art, and more.

Nifty Gateway is owned by Gemini LLC, a cryptocurrency exchange and New York trust company co-founded by the Winklevoss twins. Two other twins originally founded it before being acquired by Gemini.

The platform is an exclusive marketplace curated by the Nifty team, featuring artwork and music from renowned artists and musicians. It provides an opportunity for these creators to create and sell NFTs.

If you already own an NFT, you can upload it to the Nifty Gateway Omnibus Wallet using MetaMask. Nifty Gateway accepts NFT deposits. You can apply on the website if you aspire to become a Nifty creator and sell your own artwork. The application process typically involves submitting a questionnaire and completing an interview.

We made a Nifty Gateway In-Depth Review for anyone looking to register an account.

Marketplace Fee
  • 10%
Blockchain Network
  • ETH
User Interface
  • Advanced

More details

Nifty Gateway simplifies NFT trading with its user-friendly interface and convenient payment options like credit and debit cards. It uses scheduled drops for limited-edition art auctions and ensures user safety with features like 2FA, making it a reliable entry to the Web 3 space.

  • Features well-known artists.

  • Custodial wallet option.

  • Reduced (or no) gas fees.

  • Accepts credit and debit cards.

  • Not beginner friendly.

  • Only uses the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Limited types of NFTs.