Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong is the founder and CEO of Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

He was born in California and later relocated to Texas, where he pursued studies in computer science and economics.

After completing his master’s degree in computer science, Armstrong ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing a business that connected tutors with students.

Additionally, he gained experience as a developer and software engineer at prominent tech companies, including IBM and Airbnb.

Brian armstrong

Brian Armstrong

2010 Armstrong became an early advocate and adopter of Bitcoin after reading its original whitepaper.

He recognized significant opportunities for improving cross-border payment systems during his travels in Brazil and South America.

Over time, Coinbase has grown into a leading cryptocurrency exchange, with over 89 million registered users (2023) worldwide.

According to Armstrong’s website, he is driven by a passion for accelerating innovation, building technology products, and fostering greater economic freedom globally.