Suffers Security Breach Resulting in $41.3 Million Loss security breach


  • In recent weeks,, a sports betting and casino platform, suffered multiple security exploits to lose $41.3 million.
  • Stake made a public statement assuring its customers that its user’s funds are safe.
  • The incident has caused regulators to heightened concern about Stake’s security. The platform may receive more stringent oversight.

Stake Loses $41.3 Million in Suscipious Overflows

In unexpected news, Stake, a popular sports betting and crypto casino platform, suffers a $41.3 million security breach. A security firm, Cyvers, first shared the news.

Its AI-powered system detected abnormal crypto transactions moving away from Stake’s Ethereum wallets to unknown addresses.

Our AI-powered system has detected multiple suspicious transactions with @Stake.…… address received about $16M in $ETC, $USDC, $USDT and $DAI. All the stablecoins are converted to $ETH and distributed to different EOAs. FYI @tayvano @zachxbt.

Cyvers Alert.

The suspicious transactions involved various stablecoins, including DAI, Tether, USD Coin, and Ethereum.

The stablecoins were converted into Ethereum and moved to different externally owned addresses.

Stake loses $41.3 Million to hackers.
Stake loses $41.3 Million to hackers.

Subsequently, an Ethereum blockchain explorer, Etherscan, identifies the addresses linked to these suspicious transactions with the label “ hacker.”

Another security firm, Peckshield, has alerted its Twitter followers, advising to investigate the situation.

“Hacking was Methodical,” Taylor Monahan Says

A pseudonymous crypto detective, @zachxbt, adds that an additional $25.6 million was siphoned from Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

Amid all these, Taylor Monahan, a MetaMask Lead Product Manager, makes observations about the hackers.

He noted that the hackers behind these unauthorized transactions were methodical, further escalating these mysterious revelations.

Stake suffers a security breach
Stake suffers a security breach.

Taylor shares all the Stake Addresses that took part in the hack. 

Currently, the attack address holds a remaining balance of $340,000 worth of ETH and $2.1 million price of other altcoins, according to Etherscan data.

Moreover, has made a public statement concerning the matter. Assuring the public that it is investigating suspicious transactions and all user’s funds are safe.

Eddie Craven, the co-founder of, clarified that Stake has small portions of its crypto holdings in hot wallets to minimize risks. And that the affected wallets will soon resume operations.

Regulators May Hold More Stringent Oversight

The situation has cemented the unsettling worry about the vulnerability of crypto platforms, even those with tight-knit security and high revenues.

Last year, Stake made a revenue of about $2.6 billion. Far from that, it secured a partnership deal with Drake that was a staggering $100 million endorsement deal yearly.

The above numbers become inconsequential when set against this $41.3 million loss to hackers.

Moreover, the incident has made regulators heightened concern about the security and stability of Stake, and it could catalyze more stern oversight.

With Stake’s endearing high-profile characteristics, it has made it a poster child for various risks in the cryptocurrency industry.

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