Robinhood Revealed to Be Third-Largest BTC Holder With $3B

robinhood bitcoin holder


  • Robinhood has been unveiled as the third-largest Bitcoin holder, commanding over $3 billion in BTC assets in a single wallet.
  • Robinhood only trails Binance and Bitfinex, which hold $6.4 billion and $4.3 billion in BTC tokens within a single digital vault.

Robinhood Third Largest Bitcoin Holder

Retail trading giant Robinhood (HOOD) has been unveiled as the third-largest Bitcoin holder. It is commanding over $3 billion of BTC assets in a single wallet!

This revelation sent shockwaves through the crypto arena. Now disclosing that Robinhood only trails Binance and Bitfinex, which hold $6.4 billion and $4.3 billion in BTC tokens, respectively.

Robinhood Holds $3B in BTC
Robinhood Holds $3B in BTC.

Unveiling Robinhood’s Mysterious Existence

The ownership of the wallet has naturally sparked conversations among industry insiders and crypto enthusiasts.

Some hypothesize that this Bitcoin wallet belongs to giants like BlackRock, which filed for a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) this year. Others speculate on other crypto exchanges like Gemini.

Robinhood had not publicly made any remarks regarding these speculations.

However, the mystery has now been unraveled by Arkham Intelligence, which confirms that Robinhood Markets Inc. is the entity behind the wallet.

Robinhood’s Technical Details

Robinhood Technical Analysis Graph
Robinhood Technical Analysis Graph.

According to wallet data analyzed by a blockchain intelligence firm, Arkham, Robinhood’s Bitcoin accumulation has been a several-month-long process.

Firstly, Robinhood executed a strategic maneuver by consolidating over 118,300 Bitcoin from smaller wallets into a single wallet. This took place over just three months through multiple transactions.

Secondly, the inaugural deposit into this centralized wallet occurred on March 8th and persisted until July 14th, according to BitInfoCharts.

The cryptocurrency trading firm Jump Trading manages all these BTC assets under custodial services.

A Decline in Crypto Trading Volumes 

Amidst the mammoth Bitcoin accumulation that Robinhood has made in three months, it has decreased its revenue.

From its most recent reports, the platform reported crypto trading revenue of $31 million in Q2, an 18% decline from the $38 million earned in Q1.

This accounted for just 16% of the platform’s $193 million trading revenue, which saw a 7% sequential decline. Despite a general downturn in crypto trading volumes, Robinhood still holds much Bitcoin.

The Downside of Robinhood Hanging on Bitcoin

Meanwhile, there is no doubt that the platform’s massive Bitcoin holdings, compared to its declining trading volumes, present a complex picture.

As of June 2023, Robinhood had an active user base of about 23.2 million. 

Assuming that only 10% of these users held Bitcoin, they would each need to hold an average of $1,828 in Bitcoin to amass the $4.24 billion in Bitcoin holdings on the platform.

Therefore, a decline could potentially mean the platform’s reshaping of the cryptocurrency markets or a strategic shift.

Moreover, as a major Bitcoin holder, Robinhood could significantly impact Bitcoin’s price and volatility. This position also makes it a target for regulatory scrutiny, potentially influencing other institutional investors.

The future actions of Robinhood—whether accumulating more Bitcoin or diversifying—will likely significantly affect Bitcoin.