Jesus Coin – A New View Towards Shitcoins

Jesus Coin


  • Jesus Coin, an ERC-20 token, aims to promote good deeds and community building.
  • The community itself launched the token without allocating any portion to the team and manages the project entirely.
  • 80% of the total supply will get burned 25th of December.

What is Jesus Coin and Its Core Values?

Jesus Coin, an ERC-20 cryptocurrency, was designed to promote generosity, build community bonds, and revolutionize charitable donations. 

The Front Page of JesusCoin Website
Transforming the Crypto Industry | Source: Jesus Coin

What sets it apart is that the community launched it without any team allocation, thus ensuring it is entirely community-managed.

Moreover, Jesus Coin’s mission is to impact culture positively and to shine a light in challenging situations.

To realize this vision, they aim to pioneer a decentralized, faith-centered ecosystem that inherently inspires people to support one another.

However, the creators conceived Jesus Coin as an “anti-meme coin,” a protest against the scams, rug pulls, and projects that plague crypto.

It relies on three core principles:

  • Fellowship: Creating a positive and loving community through gatherings.
  • Discipleship: Mentoring and supporting community members who share these values.
  • Stewardship: Encouraging holders to be generous with their time and resources.

Through these principles, the community aims to bring about a radical transformation in the entire crypto ecosystem.

Jesus Coin Roadmap

Jesus Coin’s roadmap outlines a clear path toward its mission of promoting positivity, love, and community within the cryptocurrency space.

On December 25, 2023, at precisely 20:56 UTC, a significant event for Jesus Coin will occur: 80% of its total supply will be burned.

Firstly, their commitment to transparency and honesty sets them apart as an “anti-meme coin,” aiming to combat fraudulent crypto projects

The roadmap includes plans to elevate their “Sunday Service” into a high-quality live show with token-gated elements. 

On top of that, they intend to develop an open-source smart contract for charitable giving and tips, encouraging generosity. 

The creation of dAPPs for nonprofit charitable donations in both web2 and web3 platforms further extends their philanthropic reach.

Moreover, expanding the ecosystem to include an e-commerce store with exclusive benefits for token holders significantly enhances the community’s engagement and support.

What’s the Social Impact of This Project? 

The social impact of the coin is multifaceted. 

As an “anti-meme coin” protesting crypto scams, it fosters trust and integrity in the crypto space, safeguarding investors from fraudulent schemes. 

Jesus Coin Price in the Last 180 Days
The Price of Jesus Coin | Source: CoinGecko

By promoting the values of fellowship and discipleship, Jesus Coin encourages a supportive community, thereby inspiring positive interactions in the ecosystem.

Additionally, the project’s charitable focus, which encompasses developing smart contracts for donations, contributes to social betterment by streamlining the process of giving.

Ultimately, Jesus Coin’s emphasis on love, positivity, and community seeks to create a more compassionate environment within the crypto world.

Do you think that the community will accept such an interesting project?