Webull Review

29 May, 2023

Webull is a dependable crypto exchange platform with low fees, suitable for both novice and seasoned investors. Its sleek desktop and mobile interface makes it attractive to all traders. However, its educational resources are limited, possibly making it less ideal for beginners.

webull exchange review
Our Review
  • Smooth account-opening process.
  • No fees on cryptocurrencies, stocks/ETFs, options.
  • Offers extended hours and pre-market trading.
  • Research tools
  • Flimsy educational support.
  • Backward portfolio options.
  • No live chat.
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Webull Crypto Exchange Review 2024: Is It Safe And Reliable?


This Webull crypto exchange review will examine the trading platform’s good, bad, and ugly. Webull is a user-friendly platform that offers trading services at low prices. It takes a modern approach and appeals to new investors who expects a great mobile experience and a clean, simplified desktop interface.

However, Webull is also a strong choice for advanced traders, offering in-depth charting, dozens of technical indicators, advanced orders, market data from several sources, customization, and more.

Webull Exchange
Webull Crypto Exchange 2024 Review.

Who Should Use The Webull Crypto Trading Platform?

This platform is compatible with active traders looking for expert market data, commission-free trading, and extended hours trading.

For Beginner Traders

If you’re new to crypto or the stock exchange, you must try this, as you’ll enjoy easy-to-handle systems. It has a straightforward UI and a sleek interface to help you learn trading when entering the crypto world.

Don’t worry if you want to invest in a coin of your choice. Webull offers a variety of trading coins and pairs of coins, such as Bitcoin (BTCUSD), Bitcoin Cash (BCHUSD), Litecoin (LTCUSD), Dogecoin (DOGEUSD), Ethereum (ETHUSD), and 44 more.

Amazingly, you’ll not have to pay a commission for trading ETFs, stocks, and options listed on US exchanges. But you’ll have to pay a price of $0.55 per contract for options trades.

Trading priveleges
Multiple trading options.

Biggest Drawback

As mentioned, it’s recommended for beginners. But if you’re an expert who wants to trade on the advanced level, you’ll face some problems – such as having a limited product portfolio. It can only cover crypto, ETFs, options, and stocks.

However, it’s important to note that currently, users can’t send or receive coins to or from their Webull account. The only option is to sell your token for USD if you want to withdraw.

Geographic Availability

Countries, including the United States, Brazil, India, the Philippines, Turkey, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, and China, can trade crypto on this exciting cryptocurrency and platform.

The United Kingdom, Australia, and many other countries around the globe are on the indefinite waitlist.

What Makes Webull Crypto Exchange A Good Choice?

Webull Crypto Trading.
Webull Crypto Trading.

Why should you prefer Webull over other options? Are there any solid reasons? Check out the below detailed research and decide your own.

User Interface And Experience

You can find many options while investing in scrolling in the crypto market, but Webull is one of the most straightforward ways to buy crypto.

You’ll find a user-friendly interface to sell or receive crypto smoothly. Beginners can quickly learn about the process of navigating the app.

I don’t think it’s just for beginners. Advanced or immediate traders can also purchase or sell their assets with high functionality.


Webull is a reliable platform as it has a tight security system. You’ll enjoy 128-bit encryption, two-factor authentication, firewalls, and mobile security features. You can also get the standard $500,000 Securities Investor Protection Corporation insurance for clients.

safe and reliable exchange
Safe and reliable exchange.


Will I have to pay any hidden fees on Webull? The simple answer is “No.”

There are 0% fees on buying crypto. You’ll not be charged any account fee or inactivity fee. You can also enjoy free deposits and withdrawals by ACH.

Payment Methods

Webull systems accept various payment methods, such as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and many more. It also offers debit & credit cards or even wire transfers or transfers to your account. Easy way to add crypto or other tokens to your portfolio.

Disadvantage Of Webull Crypto Exchange

Webull is undoubtedly an excellent and secure tool for selling or buying crypto, but there are some disadvantages, or we can consider the limitations of this platform.

No Income On Excess Cash

Unfortunately, you’ll not receive interest on cash balances in your account. As Webull doesn’t allow mutual fund trading, you can’t proactively invest unused cash in your money market fund. That’s why you lose the chance to generate excess cash.

Less Helpful Customer Support

First, phone users find it so hard to reach customer support. Moreover, there’s no live chat option. However, their message center is helpful. In case of any problems, contact the message center through the platform.

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Webull Crypto Exchange: Top Features & Perks

Let’s explore the features and determine whether you should trade your best cryptocurrencies through this platform.

Trading Pattern

Webull allows cryptocurrency exchanges at a minimum of one dollar. Trading crypto seems exciting with instant transaction settlements, as your money will be easily available.

Extensive trading platform.
Extensive trading platform.

Webull Crypto Company-Apex

Webull is a wallet supported by a company named “Apex Crypto LLC” to trade crypto and access custody services. When you trade crypto on Webull, Apex Crypto allows transactions and stores funds.


Whether you have any thoughts, want an idea, or searching for any specific strategy before you transfer crypto, you can connect with millions of other traders. For example, you can discuss issues of best cryptocurrencies, concerns regarding various currencies, and more.

Limit Or Market Orders

WeBull supports limit orders and market orders like any other crypto exchange. A market and limit order helps you buy crypto at market price, while a limit order sets a specific limit.

Trade with limit orders
Choose limit or market orders.

Webull Financial LLC

Webull Financial LLC offers brokerage services. The Company considers in-depth market data research and zero-commission trading.


Liquidity refers to how quickly you can fulfill your order. Webull mostly considers liquid assets and provides securities to investors who trade frequently.

Steps To Open A Webull Account

Step 1: Visit Webull Website

Visit the official Webull website. Ensure to go through the link, as there may be bad actors.

Step 2: Signing Up For Your Account

Sign up to buy bitcoin webull
Sign up to buy Bitcoin on Webull.

Enter your Email address and provide other credentials. You can also use your Google or Apple account to sign in.

Step 3: Link Your Payment Source

Link your bank account or another brokerage account to make transactions.

link your payment source.
Link your payment source.

Step 4: Start Trading

So, now you can start trading crypto. You have a variety of options. It’s better to communicate with other traders to get assistance.

If you have questions about their account opening process, click Webulls FAQ here.

Trading on Webull
Once done, you can start trading crypto.

Webull Crypto Exchange: Our Summary

Webull is a compatible platform for active crypto traders. It allows trading in different cryptocurrencies. Advance traders can use it, but there are limited portfolio options.

You can create an account by simply signing up and following straightforward directions. Webull is easy to handle as it offers a user-friendly interface. Generally, there’s no commission on trades.

There are good communication options, but customer support can be better. No income on excess cash is allowed. Overall, Webull is a reliable option for crypto trading.