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Our review

SwapZone API offers competitive cryptocurrency exchange rates, diverse crypto choices, and seamless integration with zero fees. Plus, crypto enthusiasts gain easy access to swaps, while educators can create informative content. Still, limitations exist, but it enhances platforms and explores crypto opportunities.

  • Customization features

  • Supports 10+ exchanges.

  • Earn commission with SwapZone API.

  • No fees or costs.

  • 300+ cryptocurrencies supported.

  • Lack of control on the swap.

  • Dependency on SwapZone services.

  • Limited exchange support.

Swapzone Review 2023: Is it a Safe And Legit Crypto Exchange?


This SwapZone review will explore the benefits of SwapZone API. It offers competitive rates from 10+ supported exchanges, diverse crypto choices, and top-notch security. With the API, platform owners and investors can customize trading profit margins, mine exchange information, earn commissions, and seamlessly integrate the API.

For crypto enthusiasts, SwapZone API allows easy comparison and access to various swaps. It also empowers crypto educators to create informative content.

Despite some limitations, SwapZone API presents a valuable tool for enhancing crypto exchange platforms further, optimizing user experiences, and exploring diverse crypto opportunities.

Swapzone Review
Swapzone Review 2023.

Swapzone API at glance

Supported Exchanges10+
Supported Cryptocurrencies300+
Customer SupportE-mail & Phone
IntegrationWallet & Exchange
KYC RequirementsNo KYC Needed
Referral FeatureYes

Company Overview

Launched in September 2022, SwapZone API stands out from competitors by offering a white-label solution. It seamlessly integrates with any crypto service, app, or website.

You have the flexibility to customize your profit margin, leverage SwapZone’s secure service, and support various crypto use cases.

SwapZone API is a collection of programming codes that lets any crypto platform harness the services Swapzone offers. It is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator.

By integrating SwapZone API into your platform, you can provide users with optimal rates, vast choices, and top-tier security for seamless crypto swaps within your website. Additionally, you’ll earn commissions on each API-based transaction.

Find best exchange rate with exchange partners.
Swapzone Review: Find the best exchange rate with exchange partners.

Who should use Swapzone API?

Here is who we think should use SwapZone API:

For Crypto Platforms

Crypto exchange platforms, including wallets, exchanges, or dApps, can boost their services and attract more users by integrating Swapzone API. With this integration, users get the best rates and top-notch security for crypto swapping on their platform.

Additionally, platforms can earn commissions on every successful transaction through the API and customize it to align with their design and functionality.

For Crypto Enthusiasts

Crypto enthusiasts, be they traders, investors, or hobbyists, can leverage Swapzone API to explore various crypto swaps and opportunities.

Moreover, the API allows them to compare various exchange offers from over ten exchanges effortlessly, enabling seamless and convenient crypto swapping. Whether swapping crypto for fiat, Swapzone API opens up possibilities and guides you through your first exchange.

For Crypto Educators

Crypto educators, such as bloggers, influencers, or teachers, can create informative and educational content on crypto swapping and trading using Swapzone API.

This powerful tool lets them demonstrate and explain different cryptocurrency pairs and swapping scenarios, showcasing exchanges, coins, and the best exchange rates. Lastly, they can provide valuable tips and tricks to how investors secure the best deals and avoid potential scams or pitfalls.

SwapZone review: Who should use it for exchanging crypto assets?
Swapzone Review: Who should use it?

What are the benefits of using Swapzone API?

Let’s discuss the key benefits of using SwapZone API:

Customize your profit margin

Swapzone API allows you to set your profit margin for each swap option. You can easily adjust the Swapzone fees, commission rate, and frequency according to your preferences.

On top of that, you can even choose whether to display the commission amount on your website. This feature allows you to optimize your revenue and attract more users with competitive rates.

Zero fees for Swapzone API usage

Even though Swapzone API is fee-free, its exchange partners may charge network, transaction, or withdrawal fees. Besides that, the actual transaction costs can vary depending on the exchange, coin, and swap amount.

Before confirming a swap, you can review estimated fees on the Swapzone website or widget. Finally, it allows you to compare fees from different exchanges and select the most advantageous deal for your users.

Extensive cryptocurrency choices

With SwapZone API, you can access an extensive selection of cryptocurrencies. The platform supports over 300 coins and tokens. It has become a one-stop shop for diverse exchange information for crypto assets.

Whether you or your users are interested in well-established cryptocurrencies or emerging tokens, it is easy to access many options to enhance the overall crypto trading experience.

SwapZone supports multiple crypto and fiat currencies.
SwapZone supports multiple crypto and fiat currencies.

Swapzone Review: Key Features & Perks

Here are some features that set SwapZone API apart from its competitors:

Best rates from top exchanges

With Swapzone API, it is practical and easy to access the most competitive rates for swapping cryptocurrencies from over ten exchanges. These include popular exchange platforms like Binance, Changelly, SimpleSwap, and more.

By tapping into a network of reputable crypto exchanges, you can benefit from getting the best possible value for your crypto assets and transactions. For crypto-based service providers, this ensures that your platform becomes a go-to destination for hassle-free, cost-effective crypto swaps.

Get best rates from cryptocurrency exchanges.
Get the best rates from cryptocurrency exchanges.

Benefit from security

SwapZone uses SSL encryption and HTTPS protocol to protect user data and funds; no sensitive information is stored or shared.

By integrating Swapzone API, you eliminate the need for registration, KYC (Know Your Customer) processes, or collecting personal data from your users.

Finally, this commitment to privacy fosters trust and confidence among your user base, as they can swap cryptocurrencies without compromising sensitive information.

No KYC or registration needed.
No KYC or registration is needed.

Revenue sharing opportunities

Partnering with Swapzone API benefits your users and presents a revenue-sharing opportunity for your platform. You can earn a commission for each successful transfer or swap through the API. Swapzone shares some of its revenue with its partners, incentivizing you to drive more transactions.

Plus, it is easy to track your earnings and statistics on your dashboard and customize the commission rate and frequency to suit your preferences.

It incentivizes you to drive more users to the platform, increasing transaction volumes and boosting your earnings. It’s a win-win situation where the more your platform grows, the more revenue you can generate.

Revenue sharing opportunities.
Revenue sharing opportunities.

Customizable integration and branding

Swapzone API is a single interface that integrates with your platform’s existing design and functionality. Unlike other APIs, you can customize it to align with your brand identity, maintaining a consistent user experience throughout the swapping process.

This level of personalization allows your platform to stand out and create a unique identity in the competitive crypto space. Users will recognize and trust your platform as they continue to enjoy the user-friendly and branded swapping features.

Easy integration with crypto wallet and decentralized exchanges.
Easy integration with crypto wallets and decentralized exchanges.

Getting started with Swapzone

Follow these simple steps to get started with SwapZone API:

  • 10+ exchanges
  • 300+
Free Plan
  • No fees

More details

SwapZone API offers competitive cryptocurrency exchange rates, diverse crypto choices, and seamless integration with zero fees. Plus, crypto enthusiasts gain easy access to swaps, while educators can create informative content. Still, limitations exist, but it enhances platforms and explores crypto opportunities.

  • Customization features

  • Supports 10+ exchanges.

  • Earn commission with SwapZone API.

  • No fees or costs.

  • 300+ cryptocurrencies supported.

  • Lack of control on the swap.

  • Dependency on SwapZone services.

  • Limited exchange support.

Step 1: Visit the website

Start by visiting the SwapZone website and click the [Get Started] button.

Step 1: Visit the website
Step 1: Visit the website.

Step 2: Enter details

Next, enter your details, like your e-mail address and password, to finalize the registration. When done, click [Sing Up].

SwapZone signup.
Step 2: Enter details.

Step 3: Verify e-mail

Then, you will be sent a verification code to your e-mail address; enter the code in the designated box. After that, tap [Sign Up].

SwapZone review.
Step 3: Verify e-mail.

Drawbacks of Swapzone

While SwapZone API has numerous benefits, let’s explore some drawbacks.

Limited exchange partners

Swapzone API is currently limited to working with over ten exchange partners supported by Swapzone. This means your users may be unable to swap crypto with other platforms like Coinbase, Kraken, or Binance.US.

You may miss out on exclusive offers and features these exchanges provide, such as staking, lending, or margin trading.

Dependency on Swapzone’s service

Swapzone API relies on Swapzone’s service for rate comparison, instant crypto exchange aggregator, and commission-sharing features. If Swapzone’s service experiences downtime, slowdowns, or security issues, your users may face difficulties swapping crypto or accessing API features.

Additionally, you may need to handle the technical problems or bugs that arise from Swapzone’s end and adhere to their terms, conditions, and privacy policy.

Lack of control over the process

With Swapzone API, all transactions and confirmations are managed behind the scenes, leaving you with no control over the swap process.

Once swaps are initiated, you cannot modify, cancel, or refund them. It would be best to trust Swapzone to execute swaps accurately and securely.

Moreover, customer support and dispute resolution for any user-related issues during swaps rest on Swapzone. This adds an element of reliance on SwapZone work and their services.

Drawbacks of SwapZone exchange provider.
Swapzone Review: Drawbacks.

Our Verdict

Swapzone API connects your crypto trading platform to over ten supported crypto exchanges. It facilitates easy comparing rates, time, and exchange services for instant and seamless crypto swaps. It manages all transactions behind the scenes, offering you a commission share as revenue. To integrate Swapzone API, follow these steps:

  • Contact the Swapzone team.
  • Choose the best display option for swap choices.
  • Customize the API elements to match your brand.

Your users can swap crypto with ease without redirection to third-party sites. Moreover, the cryptocurrency exchange aggregator allows you to track earnings and statistics. It also tailors your commission rate and customer support for a seamless experience. Even though it has numerous benefits, limited swapping features might be deal-breakers for some users.