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Our Quicknode API Review

Quicknode API offers efficient blockchain access, simplified infrastructure, extensive data coverage, and robust security. It includes a user-friendly GraphQL analytics app for monitoring top blockchain projects. Despite its complexity, it's cost-effective and empowers developers to utilize blockchain technology easily.

  • Efficient access to blockchain networks.

  • Simplified infrastructure management.

  • Comprehensive data coverage.

  • Intuitive GraphQL interface.

  • Not beginner-friendly.

  • The complexity of features.

  • Limited free tier availability.

Quicknode Review 2023: Is It A Safe And Reliable Crypto API?


This Quicknode API review will thoroughly explore the go-to service for developers seeking seamless and instant access to blockchain networks.

With simplified infrastructure management, reliable performance, extensive data coverage, top-notch security features, real-time analytics, and an intuitive GraphQL API interface, Quicknode supports developers to harness the full potential of decentralized applications.

It might be a little complex for newbies. But its transparent pricing options, amazing support, and competitive fees make it an attractive choice for developers at all levels.

Quicknode review
Quicknode API 2023 Review.

What is a Crypto API?

A crypto API is a convenient service that offers real-time and historical data from the crypto market and blockchain protocols. With it, you can easily access crypto assets’ prices, market trading data, categories, NFT floor prices, trading volume, and other valuable information.

Not only that, but a crypto API also allows you to connect to the blockchain and make RPC nodes call. You can even use it to backtest your strategies, chart relevant data, run experiments, etc.

Using a crypto API, you can simplify creating your blockchain projects and decentralized applications (dApps). Plus, it’s a powerful tool that can make your development work more efficient and effective. Lastly, it provides all the necessary blockchain APIs, making the process simpler and more efficient.

What is Quicknode API?

The QuickNode API is a fantastic service that gives you easy access to over 11 blockchains, like Ethereum, xDAI, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Solana, Optimism, Arbitrum, Celo, Terra, and Bitcoin networks.

It’s super simple to connect to the blockchain using QuickNode API. Moreover, you can execute different RPC methods across various chains and APIs with just one line of code.

Plus, you can get valuable market insights and historical trading data. On top of that, you can check out your NFT and ERC20 Token holdings and even get transaction details.

There’s more to QuickNode API, as it lets you use a custom real-time blockchain data feed and advanced alerting. You can also integrate real-time blockchain event-driven logic into your workflows, which is fantastic. All in all, it’s a game-changer for developers who want speed and reliability.

Quicknode: Lightning fast global API.
Quicknode: Lightning-fast global API.

Who’s it for?

Here is who we think can make the best out of Quicknode API.

For Blockchain Developers

Whether you are an experienced developer or just starting your journey in blockchain development, Quicknode API is an invaluable resource.

Additionally, it provides a comprehensive set of tools and features to interact seamlessly with blockchain networks.

Whether you’re working with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tron network, or any other primary blockchain protocol, Quicknode offers multi-chain support. Finally, the intuitive graphics make it a user-friendly platform.

For startups and businesses

Quicknode API simplifies interacting with blockchain networks for startups and blockchain-based businesses. Furthermore, it empowers you to execute transactions, implement smart contracts, and conduct other blockchain-related operations efficiently.

With its capabilities, startups can fasten the development process, reduce complexity, and focus on creating innovative products.

Who should use Quicknode API?
Who should use Quicknode API?

Key features of Quicknode API

Quicknode API has many impressive features, making it an exceptional choice for developers. Here are some of the key features you can expect.

Data security and document management

Rest easy knowing that Quicknode API prioritizes the security of your data. The robust safety measures also allow you to use token-based authentication, domain masking, and other security measures to safeguard your endpoints. Knowing that unauthorized access is kept at bay ensures your peace of mind.

Moreover, Quicknode API goes the extra mile by providing more user-friendly documentation than other APIs. You can explore detailed guides on calling numerous RPC and validator nodes across chains and APIs.

Lastly, to ensure maximum accessibility, it supports popular programming languages like JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and more.

Request routing and indexing

When you send a request to your Quicknode API endpoint, it cleverly routes it to the next node in the nearest location based on IP. Also, it reduces latency and boosts performance, ensuring a smooth experience.

Additionally, the Quicknode API intelligently caches these requests and serves them from memory. It helps effectively reduce the load on the nodes and significantly increase speed.

On top of that, Quicknode API automatically divides your request across multiple nodes simultaneously, unlike a single dedicated node. With this parallel processing, you can enhance throughput and reliability, guaranteeing optimal results.

Request routing and indexing.
Request routing and indexing.

Add-Ons and GraphAPI

You can enhance your blockchain experience with Quicknode API’s array of add-ons. Interestingly, these include archive, trace, debug, WebSocket, and many more. Designed to meet diverse needs, these add-ons provide additional functionalities and options to meet your needs.

Quicknode API provides an intuitive GraphQL interface that empowers developers to build efficiently and test queries. Not to forget the real-time feedback on the returned data, allowing you to streamline the development process seamlessly.

Add-Ons and Graph API.
Add-Ons and Graph API.

NFT and Token API

Quicknode API simplifies fetching NFT metadata from the blockchain, covering Solana and Ethereum NFTs. This feature lets you easily retrieve detailed information about NFTs, making building NFT-related blockchain applications convenient.

On top of that, with Quicknode API’s Token API, searching for ERC-20 tokens becomes effortless. You can instantly look up ERC-20 tokens by wallet, explore token transfers, and access comprehensive token details without indexing.

NFT APIs for real-time market data.
NFT APIs for real-time market data.

Real-time analytics and updates

Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with Quicknode API’s real-time analytics dashboard. It lets you quickly retrieve essential metrics such as method calls over time, response statuses, and method response time. Plus, you can use the compare tool to check how Quicknode API’s responses are 2.5 times faster than its competitors.

Furthermore, the QuickAlerts feature updates you with real-time blockchain data feed, advanced alerting, and event-driven logic integration into your workflows. Additionally, it assists you in staying on top of the latest NFT, ERC20, and transaction data through subscriptions and mutations.

Monitor usage and access real-time data.
Monitor usage and access real-time data.

Fees and costs

Currently, Quicknode API offers four new plans with distinct pricing tiers to cater to different needs:

  • Discover: This free plan provides 10 million API credits per month.
  • Build: For $49 per month. The Build plan offers 20 million API credits and the entire Quicknode platform access.
  • Scale: Priced at $299 monthly, the Scale plan provides 120 million API credits.
  • Enterprise: Quicknode API also offers custom pricing for enterprise-level usage, granting access to 300 million or more monthly API credits.

With Quicknode API, you only pay for the resources you use, allowing you to optimize your costs. Additionally, you gain instant access to the complete Quicknode platform, which includes robust support for multiple chains, extensive data coverage, and much more.

To make it more accessible, Quicknode API supports cryptocurrency payments and offers volume discounts, further enhancing the flexibility and cost-efficiency of their services.

Quicknode pricing plans.
Quicknode pricing plans.

Getting started with Quicknode API

Creating an account in Quicknode API is a hassle-free process. Follow these simple steps for registration in a couple of minutes.

  • $49 – $299
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Free Plan
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More details

Quicknode API offers efficient blockchain access, simplified infrastructure, extensive data coverage, and robust security. It includes a user-friendly GraphQL analytics app for monitoring top blockchain projects. Despite its complexity, it's cost-effective and empowers developers to utilize blockchain technology easily.

  • Efficient access to blockchain networks.

  • Simplified infrastructure management.

  • Comprehensive data coverage.

  • Intuitive GraphQL interface.

  • Not beginner-friendly.

  • The complexity of features.

  • Limited free tier availability.

Step 1: Visit the Quicknode website

Start by navigating to the Quicknode API website using any web browser. The main page will have a [Create A Free Account] button. Tap it.

Signing up on Quicknode.
Signing up on Quicknode.

Step 2: Enter details

After that, you will be asked to enter your e-mail address, username, and password. Enter all the details correctly. When done, click [Create A Free Account].

Quicknode sign up process.
Quicknode sign-up process.

Step 3: Select your project type

Next, select your project type from the list to finalize your account creation. Click [Finish] to complete the registration.

Select your project type API
Select your project type.

Congratulations! After this, you will be welcomed to the Quicknode API dashboard, where you can start by building endpoints.

What makes Quicknode API a good choice?

Here are some key perks of using Quicknode that make it a great choice:

Simplified development process

Quicknode API allows you to handle the complexities of the Web3 infrastructure layer. With this API, forget about node maintenance, upgrades, network interruptions, or scalability concerns.

Therefore, this platform’s flexibility allows you to focus on creating the best version of your application while they take care of the infrastructure-heavy lifting.

Fast and reliable access

Quicknode API provides unmatched speed, reliability, and scalability across all significant blockchains. Compared to its competitors, its blockchain API responses are, on average, 2.5 times faster.

Besides, the robust infrastructure, including request routing, caching, concurrency, and failover features, ensures high availability, low latency, and fault tolerance.

Comprehensive data coverage

Accessing a wide range of blockchain data is a breeze with Quicknode API. It has your back, whether it’s NFTs, ERC20 tokens, wallet or smart contract events, transactions, market insights, recent and historical data, or trading data. Not to forget that the Graph API lets you retrieve all this valuable information with a single query.

World-class security

Rest assured that your data is safe with Quicknode API. Plus, the platform prioritizes data security and protection against unauthorized access. You can use secure token-based authentication, domain masking, and more to control who can access your endpoints.

Advantages of Quicknode API.
Advantages of Quicknode API.

Drawbacks of Quicknode API

When considering the Quicknode API, it’s essential to be aware of a few potential drawbacks:

  • Not Beginner Friendly: Quicknode API may not be the most suitable choice for beginners due to its complexity and advanced features. It requires a certain level of technical knowledge and experience to use its capabilities effectively.
  • Complex Features: The extensive range of features offered by Quicknode API can be overwhelming for some users. Navigating and understanding these complex features may require additional time and effort.

Final verdict

Quicknode is a powerful service that simplifies blockchain development and provides powerful APIs for efficient access to blockchain networks.

It offers simplified infrastructure management, fast and reliable access, comprehensive data coverage, and scalable node hosting service. Besides, its robust security, real-time analytics, and GraphQL interface are some of its top perks. These features make it easy for startups to thrive in the Blockchain economy.

While it may have some complexity and need to be more beginner-friendly, Quicknode API stands out with its transparent pricing structure and competitive fees. For developers used to complex tools, it has a simple control panel that its competitors have. It caters to a wide range of users, from individual developers to enterprise-level applications.