Mike Grantis

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Mike Grantis is the co-founder of Contango Digital Assets and a recognized industry thought leader with over 7 years of experience investing private allocations. He is also the Founder of the acclaimed Bitcoin 101 course, an educational program that has enlightened over 13,000 students from 57 countries about the transformative potential of Bitcoin.

Beyond his educational endeavors, Mike holds a seat on the Board of Directors for Web3 Ventures, a Canadian Investment Issuer listed on the CSE. Throughout his career, he has been a sought-after panelist at numerous crypto summits, providing insights on Bitcoin, NFTs, ETFs, Metaverse, and Defi.

Before establishing Contango, he founded CryptoWeekly, a multi-channel crypto media platform. Mike’s foundational industry experience began as the 4th employee at Satstreet, Canada’s rapidly expanding OTC desk. Throughout the years, his passion for cryptocurrency has remained unwavering, dedicating significant time to educating friends, family, and the broader community on the monumental potential of Bitcoin and Blockchain.

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